You will be examined for the three parts: educational show, exhibited frontrunners possible, and bodily aptitude

What are the entry conditions?
You must meet certain requirements specified by public law in order to be considered for admission to West Point. You must also meet strict medical qualification requirements. First of all, you must be a United States citizen, at least 17 and not yet 23 years of age on July 1 of your year of admission. If you are a naturalized citizen, you must provide documentation.

Do you know the informative standards?
To qualify academically at West Point you should have an above average high school or college academic record. A complete transcript of your academic achievement will be evaluated to determine your qualification. You should perform well on the ACT, Inc. Assessment Program Test (ACT) or the SAT Reasoning Test. These tests demonstrate an indication of your potential for academic success during your first year in college.

What courses ought i just take?
To prepare yourself for the academic curriculum at West Point, you should complete four years of English with a strong emphasis on composition, grammar, literature and speech; four years of college preparatory mathematics, to include algebra, geometry, intermediate algebra, and trigonometry as a minimum; two years of a foreign language; two years of a laboratory science such as chemistry and physics, and one year of U.S. history, including courses in geography, government and economics. If your school includes a course title loans Carthage in precalculus and calculus in its curriculum, and a basic computing course, these courses will be helpful in preparing you for your first year at West Point.

You shouldn’t become hitched, expecting, otherwise enjoys a legal obligation to help with children otherwise youngsters

A proper-rounded senior school background in academics, sport and you will extracurricular issues is a good cure for get ready so you can enter Western Area. Contribution during the student bodies, clubs, or any other people items brings leadership experience which also echo favorably on developing the leaders potential since the an armed forces officer.

Exactly what are the medical standards?
You must be in good physical and mental health and pass a Department of Defense qualifying medical examination.

Scientific standards is actually talked about in more detail on West Part Admissions Bulletin and the Western Part index

This new Applicant Physical fitness Evaluation (CFA) contains half dozen occurrences: basketball put, pull-ups (men & women)/flexed-sleeve hang (women who usually do not manage that remove-up), coach run, modified remain-ups, push-ups, and one mile focus on. You are enabled an individual test, and you should routine the newest six incidents before taking new test.

How can i connect with West Section?
You apply to West Point by completing the Candidate Questionnaire (CQ) using the “Apply” link on the Admissions main page. Applicants for admission complete the CQ between January of their Junior year through about the January of their Senior year in high school. Application completion deadline is usually the middle of March, but since the application process is length and includes physical exams and Congressional Nominations, you must start the process well in advance of March. As a general rule, apply as soon as you can after your class year opens on our websitepetitive applicants will usually have the candidate portal opened to them the August between their Junior and Senior years of high school. If you attempt to apply too early or you are younger than a Junior, you will be entered into our contact database to receive periodic updates and informational emails. You will be informed if you are too young to apply when you attempt to complete the CQ. At that time you will be given an opportunity to join our the mailing list.